With a heart filled with thanks, I accepted the task assigned by sister Peihua, to do campus records for Tzu Chi Secondary School and to take graduation photos with 3 teachers and students.


Migrating from Taipei to Hualien, Arthur settled in a beautiful estate called Pik Village community. Because Tzu Chi Park has become the emerging cultural and educational area in Hualien and most neighbors are teachers, staff, students, doctors from Tzu Chi University, Tzu Chi primary and secondary schools, Tzu Chi College of Technology, Tzu Chi hospital The quality of life is good. The buildings in Pik Yuen Village are all of two or three storey estates. Roads and pedestrians within are wide, well-planned and chess-board-alike designed. After the dinner, I would have a walk with my family along the mountains aside, enjoying the air breeze, birds’ lullabies and the sweet of the flowers. This is the greatest lesson of life we have come across.

Arthur自台北京城移居悠活花蓮後,很幸福的落腳在有個美麗稱謂叫碧雲莊的社區。由於慈濟園區就在此,故已成為花蓮之新興文教區,鄰居很多都是慈濟大學暨附設中小學、慈濟技術學院、慈濟醫院的醫生、教、職員,居住品質很好。碧雲莊的建築,幾乎清一色為二樓 or 三樓造的透天厝,道路規劃如棋盤,且頗為寬敞。難得的是青山即在近左,故空氣清新、鳥語花香。晚餐後,一家3口散步其中,是我們最幸福的「晚課」。

Once when taking a walk, we are lucky to meet brother Yongping and sister Meilan from Tzu Chi. And then we get to know brother Yongping’s 3rd sister Peihua. We, a family of 3, received much care from them in the 2 years in Hualien. I though this is really Arthur’s good fortune.


Tzu Chi has its unique humanity, plain landscape and architecture. Even Arthur, a non-Tzu Chi, is pleased to get close to. My son, Yiquan, is also adapted to study at Tzu Chi preschool. Daily picking up is very happy with the beautiful atmosphere. I had not thought about making a record for this beautiful campus before. Therefore Arthur is filled with gratitude to accept this case……


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