I have been Hualien for 3 years. Pik Village is the utopia in my heart. Interestingly, I seldom share and recommend sightseeing at Errantry Lodge surroundings in my blog. It seems that we are not paying special attention to our own familiar things. Maybe this is so-called “Familiarity breeds contempt” phenomenon. Today thinking back, it’s very interesting. Because of this, Errantry Lodge has this secret garden record.


Tzu Chi Institute of Technology occupy around 14 hectares, if using its walls to count, it’s just 200 meters away from Errantry Lodge. And in fact, it’s just beside Tzu Chi College of Humanities and Tzu Chi Secondary & Primary School (Can be seen from the last photo in this article).

慈濟技術學院佔地約14公頃 ,如果以其外牆為基準,距離怡然居真的只要200公尺 。而它其實跟慈濟人文學院及慈濟中小學是連成一氣的(從本文的最後一張照片,即可看出)。

Hills surrounding the education hall

Boxing in such scenery environment, is always my dream.

Viewing the central mountains scenery from this angle, is similar to that from Errantry Lodge studio.

Early in the morning, we often can see sea of clouds at the distant coast mountains.

Campus in the forest

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