It’s interesting that my knowledge about the Errantry Lodge’s backyard “Shapo Dang River” was from two skinny dippers.


After determining the direction of our B&B business, I took a B&B course at National Dong Hwa University. Destiny gave me a chance to be Chou’s neighbor. He was also a new immigrant from Taipei to Hualien to chase after his dreams. We began to familiarize because of our similar background.


Chou lives a life of leisure. Everyday around 8am, when most of the Shui Yuan Di swimmers rush for work after their morning swim, He with咖子 (Japanese pronunciation) enjoyed this swimming pool which is full of rustic charm. These two 40-year-old middle-aged men looked like two sunshine boys enjoying the essence of the Sun every day. I wish this will also happen on Arthur someday.


These two sunshine boys are with great sense of humor, but at the same time retain a childish heart. When the female swimmers either go to work or go back home, they would go skinny dipping. It gives me the idea of “He who strives hard will become alike.” However I still cannot be like them, free and easy. Admiring their whims, so I called them heroes.


Sapo Dang River (Sapo Dang, Atayal language) is one of the sources of Meilun Creek and also Hualien City’s water source. Upstream river trekking is a popular sport in recent years. Theresa and I experienced it once. It was so unforgettable. You need to apply for a mountain permit for that. I’d better you have qualified equipment and are accompanied by coaches, in order to be safe and have fun.


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