The only way to get
the best photo is to relax

Besides the
recommendation given by my friends, another reason I decided to choose Errantry
Lodge when I was looking for a hostel was the photos of the comfortable
furniture and spacious rooms on its websites. Other than the warm guest rooms,
my friend has also mentioned about Arthur’s photo-taking service. He said,
‘Arthur has won many trophies in different photo-taking competitions.’
Honestly, as a person who always stays behind the camera, who only takes photo
for friends and family when they travel around, I felt a bit scared to be photo
taken. Firstly, I feel myself not eye-catching enough. Secondly, I can’t pose
naturally because I am weak in body language. Therefore, I didn’t bear this
service in mind. 

I slept for the whole
night after checking in the Aborigine room, which is much bigger and more
comfortable than I thought. Arthur woke us up eagerly very early in the morning
and led us to cycle on the cycling route along the Central Mountain Range. The
great view and fresh air in Hualien really woke me up even I was still sleepy.
I felt myself more awake and healthier after breathing in some clean oxygen
which we couldn’t find anywhere in the busy city. At that time, Arthur
suggested to take a group photo. Under the relaxing atmosphere, I suddenly
forgot my bad habit of looking strange in front of the camera. I took a lot of
photos together with the others happily.

After enjoying the
3-hour biking trip, Arthur suggested to continue taking photo for us in the
studio on the top floor after we showered and took a rest. A studio? Although
I’ve already known from the website that there is a studio built by Arthur for
the photo-taking service for customers, I still felt a bit nervous because I
felt like my body was becoming stiff again. After I followed Arthur to the
studio nervously, the first thing I saw was a fairy tale background. Arthur
told me that he liked the works of an artist, Chan Mei Yin, who was also the
painter of the background very much. He used her works in his studio after he
was authorized by Ms. Chan. To be honest, I loved it at my first sight. I
wanted to stay in the room and day dream there. The background also relaxed me.
After that, Arthur took a lot of photos for me. He also gave me lots of advice
on how I could pose naturally and comfortably. He showed me some examples in
the magazine. I quite enjoyed being a model at that moment. Arthur took many
photos for me and I didn’t even notice about it.

One day after I got
back to my busy work in Taipei, I received a mail from Arthur attached with a
CD-ROM and a key-chain with my photo on it. I was surprised and thrilled
because I look so natural in the photo on the key-chain. I don’t look like a
person who has a stiff body, or a person who always rushes for bus, for
deadline and for work. I am not a beauty but I smiled naturally and happily in
the picture. That kind of facial expression could only be seen when I am
totally relaxed. I really want to thank Arthur for capturing another side of
me, which is usually kept deep inside of me. I sent my pictures to my
colleagues and they were also surprised that I could be that relaxed. Actually,
I felt the same. I remember I was totally relaxed in those few days at my stay
in Errantry Lodge. Maybe it was the great scenery in Hualien, or the great
service provided by the hostel that let me take a break and have a real rest.
That’s why I could have such a happy and natural picture. It’s really true that
how you feel inside affects how you look outside. If you are the same type of
people who look stiff in front of the camera, you should come and experience
the photo service of Errantry Lodge. If you are sensitive in front of the
camera, definitely you shouldn’t miss the chance of being the model of Arthur.

I think I have found
the best photo for my profile.

April, a customer of
Errantry Lodge

放鬆,才有最傳神的照片 By 怡然居房客 April




回到台北投入繁忙的工作後,接到阿瑟寄來的光碟片和有我個人照片的鑰匙圈,心中充滿驚訝加驚喜,因為照片中出現的不是「木頭人」,也不是一個每天忙著上下班,趕公車趕進度的苦瓜臉。照片中的那個人笑的很自然,不是大美女,但是卻散發著自在愉悅的神情,一種只有在徹底放鬆後才會從內心中散發出來的感覺,我實在忍不住想說亞瑟真的補捉到我心中的那個小孩。寄給同事看,同事驚呼說:「你也有這麼輕鬆的時候?」,這其實也是我自己的疑惑。回想起來,在怡然居的那幾天,真的是我最放鬆的時候,不管是花蓮的好山好水,或是怡然居賓至如歸的服務,在在都讓我有真正休息的感覺,也難怪可以拍出這麼自然愉快的照片,真的是相由心生呀! 如果,你跟我一樣是“木頭人”,那你一樣要來體驗怡然居的寫真服務;如果,你是只要看到鏡頭就像是走上伸展台般,不自覺地開始擺姿,那你更不能錯過阿瑟的攝影。




期待您多停留在悠閒の【慢城 花蓮】,凡入住「怡然居」兩晚以上(含兩晚)Arthur會在怡然居的攝影棚,免費為您提供10組的寫真服務 (製作成寫真光碟)



For guests arriving before the end of 2011,
Arthur will offer you a free photo shoots of 10 sets
in Errantry Lodge’s professional studio,lounge, garden or guestrooms.

Errantry Lodge will provide photo CD
Please fill in your email and mailing address during registration,
We will mail the CD to you upon completion.













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