We are looking forward to your stay in Hualien.

A stay of two nights or more in Errantry Lodge will entitle you to a free portrait service by Arthur, the owner of Errantry, which includes 10 sets of photograph on a CD as souvenir.

If you stay for one night only, you may still enjoy the portraiture service with an additional fee of TWD1,000, receiving the full 10 sets on a CD as souvenir.

Enjoy your holidays and snap your sweet memories!

You will enjoy the best breakfast service in the morning. 

After check-in, please select your convenience time period from 3pm to 9pm for photograph session. 
Let Arthur provide you a wonderful memory for your itinerary.
□15:00 □16:00 □17:00 □19:00 □20:00 □21:00

Please remember to provide your email and home address on the tourist registration form. 
We will instantly mail you the photograph and post the compact disc once we finished. 

Errantry Lodge sincerely thank you for your support.

期待您多停留在悠閒の【慢城 花蓮】,凡入住「怡然居」兩晚以上(含兩晚)Arthur會在怡然居的攝影棚,免費為您提供10組的寫真服務 (製作成寫真光碟)



For guests arriving before the end of 2011,
Arthur will offer you a free photo shoots of 10 sets
in Errantry Lodge’s professional studio,lounge, garden or guestrooms.

Errantry Lodge will provide photo CD
Please fill in your email and mailing address during registration,
We will mail the CD to you upon completion.



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